We know who we are and we're sure of it.

It’s been 8 years since we pioneered the first and only body positivity website here in the Philippines. From blog, to advocacy, and then a web magazine, we believe our identity crisis is over. We finally know who we are and what we want to become. There is reignited passion and clarity now that we’re going back to our roots. Our strongest desire is to truly empower women to their own self-love journey through body positivity and media literacy. We’re picking up our crowns as we begin this advocacy again. Let’s walk together, shall we?


It is our life’s calling to preach the body love gospel! We make it a point to make our talks engaging, informative, and fun. We have been invited by universities, high schools, and companies here in the Philippines to discuss various topics under women empowerment, media literacy, body positivity, and beauty.


Representation matters! We are so honored to be one of the top plus size models when it comes to representing plus size women in fashion campaigns and fashion brands. We strongly believe fashion equality matters because big girls deserve to feel good in cute outfits, too.


We like teaching and sharing! From the brand of lipstick we’re rocking to the latest life skill we’ve cracked, we believe that women should share their knowledge for the benefit of others. We do styling, make up, and confidence workshops to boost the self-esteem of our sisters! The body positivity movement should create waves, and we begin by creating ripples from where we are and what we know.


Check out behind-the-scenes of our lives as models, public speakers, editors-in-chief of PLUMP, and most importantly, as twin sisters. Expect thought-provoking videos coated with delicious sarcasm and humor! #twinsanity


We aim to talk about topics that empower and guide women towards authentic self love and body positivity.

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The Big Fat Book of Self Love

YASSSSS! We’ve always dreamed to be authors! Last August 2016, ABS-CBN Publishing asked us to write a book with them.


The Big Fat Book of Self Love is the compilation of our best blog posts from our first blog: theplumpinay.com. We added more chapters to make it a complete and cohesive book! If you don’t know what body positivity looks like, this is going to be your best companion as you start your journey towards self love!

Our book is available in all leading National Bookstores, Powerbooks, and Fully Booked branches nationwide! Stocks run out quite fast though, good thing you can order via Viber (+63 936 953 68 32) and we’ll send you your own signed copy!

Don’t forget to use our official hashtag if you want to post your thoughts about it on social media. We’d love to hear from you!


Drop us an e-mail at plump.ph@gmail.com if you want us to talk about the book, self love, body positivity, and everything in between! We’d love to do meet-and-greet and book-signing events.