Her theater background can be traced all the way back to when she was 8-years-old when her mother had her take summer workshops. But it was when she was in her second year of college when Abi joined the Ateneo Blue Repertory when she fell in love and practically treated the organization to be her minor course. It didn’t matter if she was performing or if she was part of the production team, Abi was excited to be a blueREP. She would later find out that her love for theater wouldn’t only stay in school, but to her post-graduate self as well.

Meet Abigail Sulit, a star from the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) hit, Rak of Aegis. But Rak of Aegis hasn’t been Abi’s only play; in fact she’s been in about 16 shows in total with about 10 productions. For a lady at 25-years-old, you can tell that Abi has been busy with theater. This surprises her to say the least, mostly because she didn’t expect that the craft that she once treated as a hobby would turn out to be her life right after college. Abi’s original plan was to graduate from Ateneo de Manila University with a major in Biology and then study to become a doctor.

Auditioning is the first step to any theater show. To Abi, getting ready for an audition includes a small pep talk, “I always tell myself that if I don’t try it now, when will I do it? I don’t want the opportunity to slip through my fingers. If I get in, then great! If not, then at least I know I tried,” and a talk with someone special, “When I get really, really nervous, I talk to my mom. She always reminds me to pray and let Him take over.”

Thankfully, Abi has never had to deal with directors who have asked her to lose weight to fit a role; she even had to wear a fat suit when she was part of the production for Shrek. But that didn’t stop her from having her own insecurities, considering she knows that body type is usually a basis in acting, “I had a hard time passing auditions and I blamed my weight for it. I wanted to lose weight to get more roles,” she said. But it was a friend who made her realize that she could actually use her size to her advantage for when the roles did call for bigger girls. In Abi’s journey in theater, she has also been blessed to have a good community around her, none of her co-actors making her feel any different because of her size, telling us that “Theater people are the most accepting people in the world.”

But what is in store for Abigail Sulit in the future? After spending her post-graduate years in the theater, Abi will be taking a break from that industry and will be heading back on her way to her original path, “I will be taking a hiatus from being a theater actor to pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor. But rest assured, after 6-7 years, I will back on stage.” She also shares with us that she recently also started her ushering company and her own YouTube channel, abigurlshungit, where she has vlogs about her theater life and beauty-related topics.

To anyone inspired by Abi’s story but is intimidated by the theater, Abi says not at all to be afraid, “They are very accepting. We know that we all have our flaws. No one is perfect.” She gives advice to work on what you can do, “Work on your talent. Work on what you’re good at. Looks are just looks, but talent is what makes you unique. It’s what makes you, you.” Abi doesn’t hold back on her dreams, and she encourages Filipinas to go for what they want despite their insecurities and despite what society has to say.

“Love yourself; don’t be afraid to take risks and have a different outlook on the situation. Don’t let your looks hinder you from reaching your dreams. Instead use your looks to attain them. Always remember that He loved you first. You are beautiful because He created YOU.”

Fast Facts about Abigail Sulit:

Favorite Rak of Aegis song:  Basang basa sa Ulan
Favorite character you played in Rak of Aegis since you have a lot: Probably Velma
Favorite play of all time:  Little Shop of Horrors
Favorite broadway song: “And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going”
Dream local show to star in:  Rak of Aegis (char), but if someone were to do Dream Girls here, it would probably be Dream Girls.
Dream international show to star in: Lion King
If someone had to play as you in a show, who would you choose and why?  My theater idol, THE Bituin Escalante. Need I say more?
Give us 3 things you do before you begin a show: Pray, go through lines, lyrics or choreo, put on make up
Give us 3 things you do when going through a bad day: Put on make up, text Chiz (my boyfriend), PRAY


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