Growing up in a society where fat bodies are ignored, vilified, and criticized, Danah and Stacy have had their fair share of body image issues. In high school, their struggles with weight seemed to be a force bigger than their lives, so the twins both decided to do whatever it takes to become skinny. Getting thin seemed to be the only answer to life’s problems, so that’s what exactly they did—no matter the cost.

At 16, Stacy developed Anorexia-Bulimia, a combination of eating disorders that took a toll on her mental, emotional, and physical health. On the other hand, Danah got obsessed with calorie-counting and over-exercising. After going through a devastating time of risking their health, they both started questioning the impossible beauty standards and why women’s bodies ought to look a certain way.
Soon after Stacy’s recovery, they created theplumpinay.com back in November 2009—a personal blog that tackled their body image issues and how they decided to quit dieting and start accepting their bodies. After coming across waves of body positive websites based abroad, Stacy thought it would be a great idea to start the body love conversation here in the Philippines.

They put up their blog one random afternoon, in the confines of their bedroom, and the rest was history.

Danah and Stacy are definitely pioneers and leaders in the body positive movement in the Philippines. They are the ultimate role models (or “roll” models, *wink*) for a lot of women (and even men!) struggling with body image and self-confidence. Because of this refreshing take on looking at one’s self, the twins have evolved into full-time advocates, public speakers, online influencers, and plus size models—guesting on TV and radio, and being featured in top publications, both online and on print.
After blogging for 6 years, they have upgraded their blog into a web magazine, been tapped by a major publisher to write a book, and today, they are the founders and leaders of Self Love Club—a community that gathers monthly, created to empower more women to love themselves through faith, authenticity, and body positivity.
The duo believes that there is beauty in diversity (imagine a world full of clones… BOOOORIIING!), health at every size (yes, big and fit can coexist!), the pressing urgency of media literacy, and the importance of self love (you can’t give what you don’t have, honey.).
Today, they are going back to their roots. This website is now an advocacy website, aiming to raise awareness about everything body positive. The twins champion authenticity and self-love, online and off.
You may check out their practical thoughts on body positivity though their VLOGS and BLOGS.