There are very few things in life better than fried chicken. Even now, while I’m trying to think of what those things could be, my mind is drawing a blank. And then I think of Hot Star and their 12-inch chicken and it’s game over.

Originally from Taiwan, Hot Star was just a little kiosk at the Shilin Night Market. In fact, it wasn’t until Hot Star came to the Philippines in 2014 that the establishment decided to open its first dine-in restaurant. Knowing that one of the most important things about being Filipino is the kanin-ulam relationship, this was also when Hot Star included rice to their menu.


Hot Star’s eye-popping exterior is hard to miss!


The interior matches the explosive and modern vibe of the outside.



Clockwise: BBQ Chicken Skin, Crunchy Fruit Salad, Sticky Rice, Mushroom Soup

The BBQ Chicken Skin is equal parts salty and savory! This is more than affordable because each order comes with two sticks. Although it was nothing extraordinary, the Crunchy Fruit Salad, topped with bits of more chicken skin, was an effective palate cleanser between bites. The Sticky Rice was a delightful surprise. Out of everything we ordered that day, it had a unique taste. This was one of the new additions to Hot Star’s revamped menu and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. The Mushroom Soup was the first dish we tried at Hot Star. It did not disappoint–it was also Stacy’s favorite. 😉



Fish Burger
Honestly, I’d skip this all together if you weren’t on a budget. It was okay but the fish was thin and too dry. The fish to bun ratio was unequal.


Catering to the Pinoy taste, this spaghetti was slightly sweet. Still, it was good enough to be served without cheese.

Main Meals:


Hot Star Philippines’ new menu allows customers to choose from a variety of flavors: Salt & Pepper, Chili Pepper, BBQ Sauce, Sweet & Sour, and Red Hot.


Original Large Chicken with Chili Pepper

Despite the flaky fried exterior of this dish, the chicken was surprisingly not dry. Most people order this seasoned with salt and pepper but we opted for chili pepper because we like our food spicy! The spice and the flavor were somewhat there but almost like an after effect. The gravy was necessary. If you’re trying Hot Star for the first time, order this with salt and pepper instead. We’ll be sure to, next time!

Crispy Large Chicken with BBQ Sauce
If the entire menu was a boyband, this baby could go solo and still be rich and famous! The ultra-crisp exterior was lathered in BBQ sauce and it gave way to the succulent chicken. It was as if we finally understood why this started as a snack, instead of a dish to be matched with rice. It’s strong enough to stand on its own merits–Danah could not stop talking about this!

Crispy Large Fish with Sweet & Sour Flavor
AKA finding dory! Another one of our favorites. The fish was well cooked, breaking easily each time we lifted our forks for a bite. It’s so hard for fast food chains to get fish right and yet, this was, thankfully, not malansa. The sweet and sour flavor was a perfect match! You could also try the fish with chili pepper—much better than chicken + chili pepper.



Black Gulaman and Almond Soft Serve

Because we bit off more than we can chew, desserts were definitely needed! Not pictured was our combination Black Gulaman and Almond Ice Crush, which remains unrivaled.

Hot Star Stellar Presentation 2 dec21, 2015

Hot Star Stellar Presentation 2 dec21, 2015

As you can see, Hot Star Large Fried Chicken’s menu extends well beyond chicken. It has a range of dishes we can vouch for and desserts that you make room for despite the lack of stomach space. The food was simple but satisfying and the service was incomparable. Are you convinced? Visit any of their locations in Metro Manila: Katipunan, Banawe, Galleria, Blue Bay, SM Manila, 500 Shaw, Eastwood, Megamall, and Fishermall. Hot Star is well on its way to chicken domination and we are so excited!

Keep up with Hot Star through any of their social media accounts:

Instagram: @hotstarph
Twitter: @hotstarph

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