One of the common problems plump women have to deal with is finding the perfect bra. It can be very frustrating, especially for my curvy sisters who have breast cups that go beyond C. Heck, I’m wearing a cup C and even I find myself settling with buying a bra that’s a cup smaller when there are literally no other options!

I’ve passed by Etam a couple of times before in SM Mega Mall, but have never gone inside. From a quick glance, the store can be quite intimidating with its high ceilings and chandeliers, and fancy intimates on display. When I received news that Etam actually has plus sizes, I knew I had to check it out, since there are very limited stores that cater to fuller-figured women in Manila.

It’s ironic how a womanly boutique can bring out the little girl in me. There were disco balls turned into a glamorous, decorative snowman for the holiday season. Adorable furry onesies clothed the mannequins, cute fuzzy unicorn slippers hung on the racks, and stuffed toys adorned the shelves (which were actually casings for hot compress)!

Etam’s line of products screamed fun and feminine, from sleepwear, loungewear, and underwear.

More importantly, Etam boasts of long-lasting quality in their bras and a diverse range of sizes and styles. The cups range from cup A to cup E! Depending on what your lifestyle demands, there are also specific lines for every woman. There are cotton T-shirt bras with and without wires for everyday comfort, multi-purpose bras that can be worn up to 50 different ways (!!!), and bras that adjust to your breast shape. I also learned that their bra cups are not made of foam, but oil and water! It’s amazing how much attention and thought were given in designing and structuring Etam’s bras—after all, our breasts deserve the most delicate care and love!

I know you’re pretty convinced that Etam is an answer to our #plussizeprobs when it comes to our boobies. But what about the price, you ask? Each bra is around PhP2,000 and below. Reasonable for its quality and comfort, if you ask me. However, if this doesn’t fit your budget, that’s okay, because Etam has season-long sales that are up to 50% off!

And guess what, there’s an additional 30% off on ALL sale D and E cup bras until December 31, 2017! 


Visit Etam in SM Mega Mall B, 2nd level (across Lacoste). The boutique assistants are ready to help you choose the perfect Etam bra for you! If you don’t know your size and cup, don’t fret! You can have yourself measured, and they even give you your own measurement card so you won’t forget. 💖


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