The atmosphere is gloomy. It’s already 10am but it looks no later than the crack of dawn. As you anticipate the rain to start you pouring, you wear a ratty top, washed jeans, and your favorite leather jacket to match your boots. Finally, you think to yourself, since it’s been months since you last put this bad-ass number out of your closet.

But as the day goes by, instead of showers, sunshine dominated the city. And now you feel frustrated as it looks like the sun won’t be going anywhere, and you’re wearing a damn leather jacket. You start to feel the sweat dripping on your skin, but you endure the moist heat since your top is just not appropriate as office wear due to its ratty state. These are the ironic situations we often find ourselves in, specially in a tropical country that deals with bipolar weather.

Here are some very practical tips on how to stay comfy and get away with your #OOTD, despite the rain and/or heat!

Top: Exztra Plus | Jeans: Forever 21+ | Shawl: Zara | Accessories and boots: Model’s own

If the sky’s getting dark and the wind’s starting to blow, wear a simple tank top, jeans, and shawl combo for a nice casual outfit. Shawls are every lamigin girl’s bestfriend, and can be worn in a lot of ways! You can wear it as a cape or even use it as a blanket when the atmosphere gets chilly, or just wrap it loosely around your neck whenever the temperature starts to rise again. Wear with light boots and accessories to add more character to the basic ensemble.

Jumpsuit (worn as top): Exztra Plus | Skirt and blazer: Model’s own

Feeling flirty? Wear a sexy top with a low neckline under a structured blazer. You will not only look chic for the day time, you’ll also be ready for Ladies’ Night in one move: just take off your blazer! Go ahead and order that Lychee Martini. You have your blazer to cover you when late-night rain showers pour.


Keep things comfy without looking lazy by wearing a nice dress paired with cute sneakers. If you’re having doubts about the sun and have a feeling it would suddenly ditch you and throw you rain, simply tie a jacket, or a raincoat, or a parka around your waist. Once the weather shows signs that your feeling was totally right, just wear your jacket to keep you warm and dry.

Light mesh jacket: Forever 21+ | Sexy Halter Dress: Exztra Plus | Boots and accessories: Model’s own

Having a night out with friends but it’s drizzling? Wear a light jacket with fabric made from mesh or light cotton to keep you breezy and fresh despite the humidity. Of course, this won’t make your outfit waterproof so it’s best to bring a handy umbrella with you. ☔

Photographer: Ina Inonog
Hair Stylist: Tin Torres (for home service: 0947 993 4879)

Model: Seed Bunye
Clothes: Extra Plus


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