“I was beginning every single day with a terrible task — facing a closet that told me my body wasn’t right, and choosing which way I’d like to be made physically uncomfortable that day. My clothes were undoing years of work toward accepting my body as-is, coaxing me into old beliefs. Like: Discomfort was what I deserved for having gained weight. Like: Anger and unhappiness would motivate me to lose weight. Like: Happiness and nice things and self-esteem were for people who haven’t gained weight. I’d decided years ago those beliefs were empty; it was time to ditch the last thing pulling me toward them.”

Arianna Rebolini of BuzzFeed has decided that instead of forcing her  body to fit into her clothes, she will start getting clothes that actually fit her better, and get rid of those that didn’t. Below is a video documenting Arianna’s process in revamping her closet, and the lessons that she has learned along the way.

Head over to BuzzFeed for Arianna’s full article.


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