This month’s covergirl likes everything with cheese on it, has never eaten siopao, has the ability to wiggle her ears, can sing the alphabet backwards from Z to A, and loves doing accents. Under the monicker, “Jam-packed” on YouTube, 21-year old aspiring model, Jam Raquion is about making people laugh and smile. An actress and comedian by day, and a dedicated student by night,  Jam gives you the low-down on what it’s like to be the internet’s funny girl.

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What made you decide to start a YouTube channel?

I decided to make a channel on YouTube, because I had all these ideas for videos. But it would need more time and it would have to be longer, so I wanted to do it on a platform that actually embraces that idea, and is used to that. You see, on Vine, vines are only six seconds long, so the fun in there is to create a story within that limited time. I was able to do that, and it’s where I officially started _—where I first uploaded a video that I took of myself, and shared it on cyberspace. Then I started posting extended versions of my Vines on Facebook, because of the limited time. Now on Facebook, there’s no time limit. But what I’ve noticed is that people there like short clips as well, like five minutes or less. Anything more than that would just bore them or not entice them that much, unless you really are a big personality there. So I’ve decided to turn to YouTube, so I’d be able to execute the videos properly, be able to send the message better, in order to reach a whole new audience, and be part of that community.

Tell us about your YouTube name, “Jam-packed.” How did you come up with that name?

Well, the first thing you should know is that I’m someone who really likes puns or wordplays, so at first I just played around with my name since that’s what I normally do when I think of usernames on my other social media accounts. “JAMburger”, “wewillRAQUION”, and “Jam rock-you-on” came to mind. But then I thought of giving people a little bit of a hint on what they would expect in my channel when they see or hear my name, so the word “Jammed” came to mind, but it just didn’t sound right. Then all of a sudden, it just hit me “JAM-PACKED, and it just clicked! It suited what I had in mind when I thought of what I wanted my channel to be like –a channel that would be loaded with random, funny and cool videos.

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What are usually the things that you talk about in your YouTube channel?

Like what my channel name suggests, it’s jam-packed with just random stuff in there. And by random, I mean like literally so random –from makeup looks that people can use on special occasions, celebrity-inspired makeup looks, crazy makeup looks to top 10 annoying habits, top 10 things you shouldn’t say to your fat bff, top 10 ways to cry, reaction videos to movie or soap opera trailers, dance covers of both local and international songs, lip sync battles, spoofs or parodies, and so much more. It’s kind of like organized chaos, I always say; but overall, I guess the thing that they all have in common is that I do them for the purpose of entertaining people. Sometimes when I have free time in my hands, when I’m not doing anything important for school, I just sit down and try to brainstorm, but nothing really serious. I would just think of the main idea or focus of the video, type it, and save it on my phone. But to be honest, most of the time, the idea would just come to me. Sometimes it would be at the weirdest places or at the weirdest possible time. Sometimes I suddenly have a brain fart while staring at my teacher’s face, when I’m just having a conversation with my friends, when I’m about to sleep, while eating, while I’m taking a bath, while doing my homework… Heck, I would even get ideas while pooping! Hahaha! And more often than not, those ideas that just randomly come to mind are usually the ones that are like, gold for me.

You seem to do a number of character-inspired makeup looks. How’d you learn how to do them?

Back when I was in high school & my classmates were starting to wear or experiment with makeup, they’d look all cute & sweet & there I was already thinking of ways I could look like a zombie. Haha! I guess I was never into “normal” looks, what struck me most were weird or your not so typical looks, imaginative ones or out of this world so whenever I would get a chance to buy makeup & when I’d see something quite peculiar I would be inspired by that & create makeup looks from it. The makeup looks that are inspired by celebrities or cartoon characters are easier because I do have a clear image that I can copy from, so I just look at it & then when I do it on me I’d just put my own twists on them from time to time, but when it comes to other looks, it’s a different thing. I would Google random words like, “spider web”, “feathers”, “animal faces” & then if I see a pattern or a distinct quality that would be great to look at, my brain would just create these weird looks & then I would try it on my face & it would turn out better that I imagined, so it’s just really awesome for me.


Where did you learn how to dance?

I think dancing just truly runs in my blood, because my dad is a great dancer as well. If you’re my friend, or if you follow me on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen him in at least 2 or 3 of my dance videos. So when I was still young, and my parents saw that I have “rythym”, they actually enrolled me in those dance classes –you know, those that have recitals in the end of the summer… From that point on, I guess dancing has been one of the things that I truly am passionate about.

How do you deal with online criticisms?

At first, I would have to admit that like any other person who have experienced that, I was not able to handle it well. Those criticisms would either make me so mad, that I’d engage in a sort of like comment battle or they would make me so sad that I wouldn’t post for a couple of days, regret posting the video, and would just feel shitty about myself. But as time passed by, I’ve learned to deal with it a lot better. I can actually say that whenever I see nasty or negative comments, I have trained my brain and eyes to just filter them, focus more on the positive things that others say, and focus my energy on the more important things than engage in a petty fight with someone, who is only brave because he or she is behind a computer screen.

What’s the worst comment and the best comment you’ve ever received?

On Vine or Facebook, there’s no single comment in particular, because they’re all usually the same, and it’s usually just about how fat or big or huge I am; how I resemble a pig, an elephant, a whale or some other animal with a large size. So, basically, nothing new in there. Haha! But on YouTube, the worst comment that I’ve received would probably be a comment from this guy who said something like, “You are a fat whore, go hang yourself please. I fucking hate you, go fucking die bitch..  I’d send my firstborn to get you killed bro… Don’t ever make a video ever again..” And I was just like, HAHAHAHA! I mean like, I don’t know what the hell pissed him off, like if he didn’t like my video he should’ve not watched it in the first place right? I mean it’s not that hard.  And the fact that he even would send his futre kid to kill me in the future, like, haha, okay dude, whatever floats your boat. I was just starting to make videos on YouTube. I was on my 5th month when that happened, so that was kinda odd, but I was never really scared, because it was just so silly. As for the best comment, I know it’s supposed to be just one, but for me, there are just a lot of awesome comments that I’ve read, that just really makes every single video worth it. Like, when I receive comments from various people telling me that my video took away their stress, made them laugh, made them wanna share it to their friends and family, made their day, and that I inspire them because of the confidence and love that I have for myself… Those are all awesome comments, and they give me the best feeling in the world.

What do you like about making your own videos?

I guess it’s the overall experience –from thinking of the concept to actually filming it, seeing it all come together, uploding it, and just finally seeing other people smile or laugh while watching it, it’s just really cool. It also gives me a chance to get out of my comfort zone, experiment on new things, show my creativity, and be able to portray various characters that are either my alter egos or complete made up characters. Sometimes I would also make videos that really happened to me in real life. Probably 80% of my content have actually happened to me, especially all the “hugot” stuff, haha. I just want people to be able to relate to them, and have something that they can share and enjoy with their friends and family.

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Have you had any body issues in the past? How were you able to make peace with your body?

Yes. And I think it’s pretty obvious what it was. I’m saying “was” because I don’t have it anymore, or rather it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. It has always been my body size. Ever since, I’ve struggled with my weight. I was just really chubby. When you’re a kid, people will adore you, and can’t get enough of you when you’re chubby. They consider you cute and fluffy. But somehow when you get older, people suddenly change their tune. From adoring you, they end up ridiculing you, and even making fun of you. So that kinda confused me back then. And since I was such an obedient person, and a lot of people were telling me I should lose some weight, I decided to do it when I was in 2nd year high school. I started eating way less that I normally did, instead of using a plate I would just use a saucer. Sometimes I would even skip meals, thinking it would make me lose weight faster.

And within a few months, I did shrink, I lost a few inches off of my waist, my collar bone started protruding. In my mind I felt like my size was already okay. But contrary to what I thought, people said I needed to lose more weight, a few more kilos. I was so desperate to reach the goal faster that I actually bought slimming teas and pills behind my parents’ back. I lost a whole lot more, and I was the skinniest I’ve ever been, but I was never really happy. People were impressed, but I didn’t feel like myself. And after losing all that weight, people started noticing other things that they wanted me to change about myself. In that moment, that’s when I realized that I couldn’t please everybody. There will always be people who will try to change you, and manipulate you, or see something wrong with you.

So from that point on, I decided to not think about my weight too much, I went back to eating hearty meals, and just didn’t care if my original weight came back. And you know what? I’ve never been happier, because I noticed that when I stopped wasting my time and money on losing weight, I was able to focus on more important things. I discovered things about myself that I never knew about. I was able to work on myself, my personality, improve my academics, talents, and so much more. It also helps me stand out from others, and that’s not exactly a bad thing.


What do you do when you’re not making your own videos?

Eating. Haha! Kidding! Well, not really. Haha. I love cooking, so I would work on some recipes, I’d watch a movie in the cinema, watch my favorite TV show online, chat with my friends, sleep, relax, and think of other things that I could do in my videos.

Message to women who don’t feel confident in their skin:

Just hold on in there. I know right now you may not see it yet. You may feel unpretty in the skin or body you’re in, you may not accept how you look like now, but trust me, you’ll get there eventually and the time will come when you will realize that there is nothing wrong with you and you were worried about nothing; that all the insults and the names that they call you are meaningless; that you should change because you want to, not because of other people told you to; because aside from God, the only person that you should be pleasing is yourself. The person you see in the mirror is the one that should be happy, not anybody else, because at the end of the day, that’s the person who knows you best –the one you can depend on and will never leave you and will accept you no matter what. Once you learn to love yourself, accept yourself, and be confident with yourself, other people will stop trying to tear you down. You may just inspire others to do the exact same thing for themselves –you’ll change how they view things, and you can even make them feel better or see themselves in a whole new light. You are not like the others, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s okay to have flaws. It’s okay not to be perfect. In fact, nobody’s perfect, everyone has insecurities. But what will separate you from the rest is how you deal with such, and how you rise above them.

What are your future plans with being on YouTube?

Right now I’m just focusing on making more relatable to funny videos, so that my subscribers will grow bigger, and I hope that someday I’ll be able to get invited to be a speaker or a guest on YouTube fan fest.


Dreams and Favorites

TV or Internet?
Oh my gosh, kind of a “toughy” for me because I’m a certified coach potato, but at the same time the internet is, well, the internet, nuff said. But if I really had to choose, I’d go for the internet. (Sorry TV)

Dream YouTube collaboration?
OMG! I would love to be able to collab with Lloyd Café Cadena (LC Learns)! I can almost see both of us doing parodies, challenge, a face off or maybe do one of those confrontation scenes between the protagonist and antagonist in movies or really intense soap operas. Haha! That would totally be so awesome!

Favorite funny YouTube video to date?
“Funny Arab Idol.” Whenever I watch this video it gets me every single time, like seriously you could make me watch this all afternoon and I’d still be laughing my ass off! You guys should definitely watch it:

Dream choreography to perform? Without a doubt, it would have to be the final dance that LMNTRX performed in the movie “Step up all in” and not just the part where only the girls danced, but like the whole final dance. To be honest, any of the final dance in all the “Step Up” franchise is good, but this one just takes the cake for me. It was just choreographed so well, it looks so challenging and the steps are intricate, but I think that’s what makes it cooler and more fun to perform at the same time. The songs they used were also enticing that anyone would find themselves dancing along one way or another. It’s a group number so I really can’t do it by myself, so I’m basically just waiting for other people who would also want to do that dance number with me!

Favorite YouTuber?
Kinda new to the YouTube world as a creator, but of course I’ve been watching various people, so I’ve got a lot of faves but if I really had to choose, my fave local YouTuber would have to be Lloyd Café Cadena (LC Learns) & fave international YouTuber would have to be Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy nummies).


3 Things Jam Does When She Feels Critical About Herself

  1. Watch fave movies or TV shows, so I can escape reality a bit.
  2. Cry my heart out. I don’t know but there’s just something that makes me feel a lot better when I cry, it’s like a way of my body to wash the negativity in my system.
  3. Eat! Haha. Seriously like whenever I’m feeling down, nothing gets me out of my funk than a yummy slice of pizza or maybe some fries, a burger, nachos or maybe a bowl of pasta. Like, food is just really comforting for me.

5 Songs in Jam's Current Playlist

  1. All We Know by The Chainsmokers
  2. Something New by Zendaya ft. Chris Brown
  3. Let Me Love You by DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber
  4. L.I.E. by Exid
  5. Side to Side by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj

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