Since time immemorial, big bodies have been linked to laziness and sloppiness, and although we don’t discount the fact that some people are unhealthy fat, we don’t like the generalizations and stereotypes. Here at PLUMP, we believe in #fitnessnotthinness, and health at every size. To simplify these concepts, we believe that a person shouldn’t make thinness a goal, because strength training has a more positive and powerful effect on the body, instead of just solely zoning in on thinness. We know of strong, healthy, and fit people who are on the heavy side, and that’s okay. Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes, and we can’t judge a body’s level of health and robustness purely based on its aesthetic.

With these, get inspired by these plus size women who exercise and get fit, not because they hate their bodies, but simply because they love it! As we always say, you can’t take care of something you hate!

1. Jay Miranda
Fashion blogger Jay Miranda got extra serious with her fitness and health after she became a mom. She says that studying nutrition for her daughter made her learn about healthy eating (they both love plant-based dishes). She enjoys working out in chic gym clothes, too, no less, as seen below.


photo from Jay’s blog


photo from Jay’s blog

2. Margie Plus
Margie is a freelance writer and edgy personal style blogger who is testing her talents out in the music industry. “The last few months I have been trying to lead a more active life. Since I do music as well as fashion, it is important for me to build endurance for my live show. I love to find new and fun ways to get my heart rate up while still having some fun. Sometimes I will literally blast Kanye and just dance around the house for an hour to get a good sweat going.”


photo from Margie’s blog

3. Authentically Emmie

Emmie Ho shares her body love journey and her pursuit of health as a former 455-pound woman. Her blog is an online diary of her progress. She documents the good, the bad, and everything in between, as she pursues her own fitness. In this Instagram post, she writes, “Dear critics who think it’s okay to body shame others: nothing you say is worse than what I’ve said to myself on the regular. I may occupy more space on this planet than you do, but at least my heart isn’t occupied with ugliness. 👎 To the women who are hiding in the shadows, afraid of criticism: you are valuable, just as you are. Claim your space and do your thing. 💕”

Emmie Ho

photo from Emmie’s Instagram

4. Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn is a yoga instructor who’s been making waves on Instagram with her body positive messages and awesome photos. She said she once felt like she didn’t belong in a yoga class because it was mostly a group of thin, white women who didn’t make her feel welcomed. After practicing and getting enough knowledge and skills, she’s opening up doors to women of all colors and sizes, because she wants more inclusion in the world of yoga. She’s changing the game, and has inspired countless of women through her encouraging posts and positivity.


photo from Jessamyn’s blog

5. Mind, Body & Rebellion

Louise Green is a plus-athlete based in Canada with a background in group fitness and personal training. She is an advocate for body positivity and health at every size. She put up her own company, Body Exchange, which caters to the plus-size demographic that seeks to improve their fitness, and overall health and wellness. Louise empowers women by encouraging them to love their bodies and embrace the beauty they’ve been given with.


6. Beauticurve
Rochelle Johnson is a beauty and fashion blogger from Arkansas. She is expecting her baby, and is still committed to an active lifestyle while pregnant. “It’s so important to stay active while pregnant and It’s also important to stay cute.” Her chic style and perfectly-matched ensembles have earned her 123k (and growing) followers on Instagram.

Let these babes inspire you to continuously pursue your health! Remember, go for #fitnessnotthinness.

All photo credit goes to the women mentioned in this post.


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