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It is our life’s calling to preach the body love gospel! We make it a point to make our talks engaging, informative, and fun. We have been invited by universities, high schools, and companies here in the Philippines to discuss various topics under women empowerment, media literacy, body positivity, and beauty.

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We like teaching and sharing! From the brand of lipstick we’re rocking to the latest life skill we’ve cracked, we believe that women should share their knowledge for the benefit of others. We do styling, make up, and confidence workshops to boost the self-esteem of our sisters! The body positivity movement should create waves, and we begin by creating ripples from where we are and what we know.

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Representation matters! We are so honored to be one of the top plus size models when it comes to representing plus size women in fashion campaigns and clothing brands. We strongly believe fashion equality matters because big girls deserve to feel good in cute outfits, too.

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With almost a decade’s worth of knowledge about body positivity (whew, that’s a lot!), publications have asked us to write for them, both online and on print. Their favorite topics from us are plus size fashion, self-love, and women empowerment through body positivity.

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More often than not, people are amused with twins. There’s just an awestruck reaction every time we tell them we are! After honing our public speaking skills throughout our years of experience as advocates, we decided to use our Twinsanity brand as leverage when it comes to hosting weddings and events. We do our best to bring fun and sophistication together every time we host.

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