Charlotte Morabito writes in Everyday Feminism the six ways on how people can talk about their fitness regimen, while still being respectful to fat people. In this article, she begins with how “the fitness world is full of ‘fatphobia’…”

“Because of this landscape, it’s sometimes difficult to discuss being active and working out without engaging in ‘fatphobic rhetoric.’

Fatphobia refers to the systemic oppression of fat individuals. Fat people are constantly told that our bodies are a social ill that must be eradicated. It’s very difficult for fat people, especially feminine-presenting fat folks, to get through a day without being reminded that our bodies are (supposedly) diseased and must be cured through weight loss.  Because we have all internalized fatphobia, this reflex to encourage fat people to lose weight isn’t entirely our faults. There’s been a long history in our culture of equating fatness to ill health. And these ideals take an active (pun intended) effort to unlearn.”

To know about the six ways, head over to Everyday Feminism.



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