“The key element of the name is the word ‘Good’ – we use ‘good’, because my kitchen tries to serve the healthiest and yummiest food that we can offer, especially given the extenders/overly-processed ingredients that manufacturers use.”, Cindy Burdette says when asked about The Good Kitchen. Cindy’s business was due to a drastic change that she needed to do with regard to her diet. “Due to my busy lifestyle, I sort of let go and just overlooked my body. I became obese II…” Cindy shares that she then got into a Ketogenic (high fat, low carb) diet or no sugar diet, but found it difficult to remove desserts from her meals.

Currently consisting of a two man team with the loving help of friends, Cindy  does all the baking,  which includes recipe development, while another person helps with cleaning up and packaging. “Eventually we are looking to hire more bakers to grow production.” she adds. With a love for sweets, and a desire for a healthy lifestyle, owner and chef Cindy Burdette has managed to put both together through The Good Kitchen (TGK).

Almond Flax Loaf
Almond Flax Loaf

Why did you decide to focus on producing foods that are low in carbohyrdates and sugar-free?

All this started when I went through a lifestyle change, and decided to eat and live clean. Carbohydrates and sugars can sometimes be overly consumed and as such causes a variety of negative side effects including sluggishness. and even diseases.

What do you think are some misconceptions about foods that are low in carbs and sugar-free?

I think people need to understand that carbs and sugars are an important component of a person’s diet. However, we live in a culture where we know less about the food that we eat, and how it impacts our own individual body types and body processes that usually ends up in poor diet management. In the case for example, of rice, we eat rice three to four times a day, sometimes with 2 cups each, and yet an average filipino office worker will not do much for the day to expend the energy from these carbohydrates. So, i think the key takeaway here is that people should really give some thought on the food that they take in, and how their bodies function.

Do you think we can make do without sugar at all?

I think naturally occurring sugars say from fruits are not entirely bad. In and of themselves, they are good sources. But people can sometimes abuse it or even misuse it. If it’s a taste thing, I think there are alternatives that we can use.

Fudge Brownies
Salted Caramel Cheese Candies
Salted Caramel Cheese Candies

Where and how did you learn how to cook/bake?

My father is a chef in a explorer/cargo ship, and we spent time with each other mostly in the kitchen. I saw him cook and bake, and he taught me many of the basics.

How do you come up with what kind of food to produce and serve?

Right now it’s all from my personal preference. I can only make what I know I will enjoy myself, or at least what people close to me will really enjoy. I play around in the kitchen a lot, and when I stumble on a dish that I really love, that’s when I start asking people if they think this could be offered in The Good Kitchen (TGK).

What are your best-sellers?

The Verry Berry cake is a best seller because its cake is this fluffy almond chiffon, and on top sits a berry-sour sweetness that you can’t get enough off. Followed by our Fudge Brownies and Cheesecakes. 

Very Berry
Very Berry

What are some challenges that you have faced while managing The Good Kitchen?

Since it’s still a small operation, I do a lot of the things by myself with the help of friends. As word gets around, the demand gets bigger and I need to scale accordingly.

What do you enjoy about managing TGK?

I love to cook. I love to eat. In TGK i get to do both, and do it good, do it right, do it healthy!

What do you hope to achieve with TGK?

I want to be able to offer those who are in a strict dietary prescriptions a way of enjoying food that will not put them at risk or have any negative dietary impacts to them. But in the long term, i want a better consciousness for the Filipino eater about healthy ingredients and proper body management.


A Bit About Cindy

Favorite chef?

I think Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal. I love Gordon’s passion for food and how sometimes, his rustic simplicity is what really does the dish justice. I love Heston, because he puts science into his food-creations and I like doing that too for my dishes.

If you were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A chocolate cake (with coffee please haha).

What is your go-to comfort food?

Bun-less angus burger with sharp cheddar with special spicy mayo OR Gluten-free, Almond Flax Bread toast with peanut butter and sugar-free Strawberry Jam.



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