• You can love your body while changing it at the same time, too. Change here means to change for the better in terms of health and fitness, versus to change your body because you despite its appearance. Loving your body means never comparing it to others.' Grabe to!! Ang dami kong relate at natutunan dito. Hoping to see them in personal.  💞  Love you both Ms. Danah and Ms. Stacy!

    Pau Rivera
  • To Danah and Stacy, I may not know them personally but they've come a long way to be what they are today as body positive advocates for all the Plump Pinays out there. From reading their very first few blog posts, to seeing them get interviewed and talked about their advocate, to writing a book, and getting a big following from all the beautiful plump ladies; they've sure come a long way despite all the naysayers and the so called stereotypes in our country. So thankful for these ladies for speaking out about body acceptance and positivity, and for being such big inspiration to all the ladies out there.

    Mara Lagdamen
    Mara Lagdamen Writer
  • I'm so proud of these two! 👯 I wasn't able to go to the book launch but I made sure to get a copy of their book as soon as I could. My eyes shone when I finally saw them in the book stand. Their advocacy made a huge impact in my life and I'm glad they wrote a book about selflove because it's that time of the month that I'm feeling down and I need me some pick me upper. For starters, I'm wearing an off-shoulder (not seen in the photo) to help me feel #confident about my body and show that bigger bodies can show some skin, too. I hope I have encouraged or inspired some #plump pinays in my simple endeavor. Whoever you are and whatever you look like, nothing is wrong with you. You are beautiful just the way you are.

    Bae Milanes
    Bae Milanes Explorer • Freelancer • Hobby hoarder
  • I never knew these women until I saw @thedanahsoars facebook live on her #bysmakeup tutorial 2 days ago and when I saw this book during the tutorial I knew instantly that I need to get my hands on this #thebigfatbook It was like love at first sight 😍

    Caryl Waffer
    Caryl Waffer


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