by Alvin Gutierrez

Watson’s did it again! Now on its 4th year, Watsons Philippines, in collaboration with ColorManila and RunManila, staged its annual Sun Warrior Challenge last 6th of March, inside MOA grounds.

Consisting of more than 5,000 participants from all over Metro Manila, the race was subdivided into three categories: 10K, 5K, and 3K. As anticipated, due to the amount of participants, the 10K and 5K runners had to be released in batches starting at 5 am.

Participants were seen applying their respective brand of sunblock, courtesy of their sponsors, namely: Nivea, Banana Boat, KojiSan, Belo, and Olay. IMG_1582This was partly because the runners were trying to break a Guinness Book of World Record in most number of people applying sunblock at the same time. The last record was broken in Milwaukee, USA in May 2014 with 1,822 people. Prior to that, Australia held the record in January of 2012 with 1,006 participants.

At around 5:50 am, the first batch of 10K runners started the race, flying through challenging obstacle courses along the way. The rest of the participants waited for a 10-minute grace period, preoccupying themselves with warm up exercises, courtesy of Philippine Volcanoes member, Chris Everingham.

The race stretched as far as the Philippine Senate, and true to its promise of colors and fun, participants were showered with dyed powder as they passed through different stages on their way to the finish line. Those who came back clean regret missing the fun. As soon as all the racers were back inside the assembly area, they were treated with blasting party music, raffle prizes, and freebies.

If you missed out on Watsons’ Sun Warrior Challenge this year, be sure to keep your eyes open for next year’s race!

About the Author

Alvin Gutierrez is a gym enthusiast and a marathon aficionado. Currently working as a Corporate Training Manager in a direct selling firm, he also loves traveling, hosting, and doing extreme sports.


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